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SG Patcher SG Patcher API

T SGResources.Load<T>(string path) Parameters path Path to the target resource to load. Returns T The requested asset's Type. Description Loads an asset stored at path in a folder called SGResources. Returns the asset at path if it can be...

Load data

Google Sheets

For load data for all scriptable objects go to SIDGIN/Google Sheets/Load from Google.


SG Patcher

Definition - these are settings for a specific platform.  To configure the definitions go to the "Settings tab". Create a definition Follow steps: Enter the name in the "Definition name" field.  The name must not contain spaces. The name should...

Mac Application Signing And Notarization

SG Patcher Advanced

In the new version of macOS, Apple made mandatory some requirements for applications that were previously recommendations: 64-bit executable files, signing and notarization. Applications that do not meet these requirements will no longer be launched. Two-fac...

Rock Tomate (CI/CD)

SG Patcher Advanced

SG Patcher supports RockTomate. Rock Tomate allows you to create tasks for CI / CD and not only and many more features.  To start working with SG Patcher in RockTomate, you do not need to configure anything else. Once you import SG Patcher, you will see some ...

Ignore Files and Folders

SG Patcher Advanced

If after building your game temporary files are created that you do not want to include in the patch then you can use the ignore file. To set your ignore file go to Advanced tab and click the "Change" button opposite the "Ignore File". And select your ignore ...

Update Pipeline

SG Patcher

SG Patcher update games on different platforms. The system can update in two modes In-Game and Standalone. In-Game - this mode in which an update takes place inside the game. This is suitable for all platforms. In-Game mode  you cannot update scripts. Update...


SG Patcher

Google Play/App Store does not accept applications more than 100mb. Will SGPatcher help me download more? Yes. The system solve the problem with the 100MB a app size cellular download limit on Google Play and App Store. The size of the main build is only ~ 3...

Code Samples

Google Sheets

Import custom credentials

Google Sheets Advanced

If you want use your Google Api Application (Google Api Console) our system can use your credentials. To configure it follow steps: Create app: Google Cloud Console. After create the project you must create credentials: Google Cloud Console. After creat...

Google Drive

SG Patcher

Setting up access to your Google Drive. Flow steps: Go to the ”Settings” tab. Make sure the ”Storage API” is set to ”Google”. Enter the desirable name of the folder (it will be created on Google Drive) in the”Shared Folder” field. For example, if you inp...


Google Sheets

To open settings window go to Tools -> SIDGIN -> Google Sheets -> Settings. Load Sheets On Game Start - this setting is necessary for the system to download data from Google Sheets before launching the game. Tables is a list of links to Google She...


Google Sheets

The first step you need to create an entity that matches one row of the table. Use the GoogleSheetParam attribute for fileds. As an argument, you must specify the name of the column header. The class must define the ”System.Serializable” attribute. Next, yo...

Localization (Multilingual)

SG Patcher Advanced

SG Patcher has a localization system. This system changes key phrases depending on the language of the system. Default Language Sheet You can download an example localization file for English, follow steps: Go to the "Advanced" tab. Push on "Save File (En...

Offline mode

SG Patcher Advanced

Offline mode - a function in which users can start the game even when the Internet connection is disconnected. If offline mode is on when the system get error about lost internet connection or damaged download file, the system will launch the game or load sta...


SG Patcher Advanced

Clear The system creates many copies of the game. To clear the cache, follow these steps: Go to the ”Advanced” tab. Push ”Clear Cache” button. Open To open cache directory follow these steps: Go to the "Advanced" tab. Push "Open Cache" button. ...


SG Patcher Advanced

Setting up access to FTP Server Follow steps: Go to the ”Settings” tab. Make sure the ”Storage API” is set to ”Http”. Select the desired FTP / SFTP connection protocol. Ask your server administatorwhich of these protocols you are using, if you do not kno...

Integrity Сheck

SG Patcher Advanced

SGPatcher has the ability to check the integrity of your game. This will prevent cracking and modifying the game files by various cracker programs and cheat programs. Also, if the system detects damage in one of the files, the system will reinstall the applica...

Storage Explorer

SG Patcher Advanced

For efficient work with storage files go to ”Storage” tab. File name. File size. Refresh file list. Download file. Delete file.

Version Building

SG Patcher

Go to the ”Versions” tab. Follow steps: Select definition. Put version number. New version should be greater last version. Click on ”Publish” button. Wait for build complete. You can close SG Patcher window, but you can not close Unity until the ...