WPF Project (Windows)

In order for you to change the appearance of your launchers we added an archive with the source code of the WPF project to the package.


If you do not have Visual Studio installed, please install it from the official site. In installer window choose                                 ".NET desktop development". 


After that go to "Individual components" tab and choose ".NET 4.6.1".


After the installation is complete, unzip the "SGPatcherWPF-source.zip" archive to any folder. That file located in "Assets/SIDGIN/SIDGIN.Patcher".

Next, open the project SIDGIN.Patcher.VSClient.csproj.

View Edit


To edit launcher view open MainWindow.xaml.



Change application name and icon

Go to Properties of the project.


To change icon click on "Browse" button and select your application icon.


To change name put new name to "Assembly name" filed.


Save the project.

Code Editing

All update logic is concentrated in the MainWindow.xaml.cs file. Here you can see several methods:

  • Start - starts the update process.
  • GetConfigurationBuilder - loads a configuration file from disk.
  • MainProgress - displays the program process.

If you want to change the logic, please see the section SG Patcher API.


Build application

To build application go to Build -> Build Solution. After build you will receive a file <YourAssemblyName>.exe in SGPatcherApp folder. 


If you changed assembly name to yours please remove SGPatcher.exe and SGPatcher.exe.config from SGPatcherApp folder.

You should get the following set of files and folders:


You must place the configuration(Version Building) file next to your .exe file and configure the localization(Multilingual).

WPF Documentation

For a deeper understanding of WPF please read the official documentation.