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Google Play/App Store does not accept applications more than 100mb. Will SGPatcher help me download more?

Yes. The system solve the problem with the 100MB a app size cellular download limit on Google Play and App Store. The size of the main build is only ~ 30MB. The rest of the game will be downloaded inside the game.

Is it possible to update the script on Android/IOS?

Main markets do not permit script update outside the main client of the game. So you can't update scripts in SG Patcher using the In-game update mode.
You can update scripts in Standard mode, but this mode works only on desktop platforms.

I know that scripts can't be updated using this, but what about values set through the inspector and saved as metadata that don't cause the game to recompile? Like if I set a string through the inspector, could that be updated?

Yes you can update anything except scripts. It can be any changes. You can also update scripts through PlayMarket / AppStore. And the update will be synchronized to work with new scripts. You can add scenes or change them as you like.

I'm using a lot of Scriptable Objects to store level data, etc. and was wondering if I can make new Scriptable Object assets and have those included in an update/patch as well?

You can add/update/delete Scriptable Objects and other resources which are usually in the "Resources" folder using SG Resources:

My main use case is mainly regarding being able to update my entire game on mobiles. Wondering how you bundle code updates (last time I checked IL2CPP doesn't allow for it).

On mobiles you should update the scripts with the main build (the one that is updated using the Playmarket/App Store). Scripts from main build and resources from the downloadable part will be synchronized on the client.

Is there some sort of a versioning system where we are able to compare versions and only download the diff?

Our system uses a binary comparison system. This means that our system send only the modified part of the file.

Do I have to use a CDN or a special server software on the cloud to be able to make this work?

No additional software is needed on the server.

Can I change key phrases like "Check updates"?

Yes, you can change key phrases using the localization module (follow Localization).

What's the difference between "Build and Patch" and "Patch"?

"Patch" button for patching when the build was successful, but an error occurred during the upgrade process. You can only restart the update process. Also, if you need to add some files to the build before creating the update.

Can I change the appearance of the Standalone Launcher?

Yes you can do it. Projects for WPF and Xamarin are available in any version of SGPatcher. You can change all information about the application.

What's the difference between the full source version and the normal version?

This version allows you to receive updates instantly, since you are connecting to the Git repository. You also get access to the source code and premium support.