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Definition - these are settings for a specific platform. 

To configure the definitions go to the "Settings tab".

Create a definition

Follow steps:

  • Enter the name in the "Definition name" field. 
    • The name must not contain spaces.

    • The name should only contain latin letters and underscores.

    • According to the entered name, a folder with the corresponding name will be created on the server. 

  • Select the "Type" of update you want. 
    • Standalone - update by launcher.
    • In-App - update inside your game. Supported by most platforms.
  • Click on "Add" button.


If you use Google storage and you didn’t allow access to Google Drive, system will
open the browser and ask for access. Follow the instructions here: Google Drive.

The added definition will be selected as current in SGPatcher.

Delete a definition

Click on ”Delete” button beside a definition.
Keep in mind that files on the server will not be deleted. You must delete them before deleting definitions in Unity Editor(Storage Explorer) or later using thirdparty clients. If you add a definition with the same name, it will be attached to existing files on the server.