Block run without the launcher

Some users may try to run the game outside the launcher, to prevent this, you need to configure SGPatcher to check the launch through the launcher.

It is necessary to add the LauncherCheck scene to the BuildSettings. The scene is located in the following path: Assets/SIDGIN/SIDGIN.Patcher/Demo/Scenes/LauncherCheck.unity.


If users try to start the game not through the launcher, they will see the following message:


Customize LauncherCheck scene

You can also change the standard screen to yours. Add the script ”CheckStartFromLauncher” to any object in the scene.


In the ”Message Object” field specify the object that you want to enable if the game is running not through the launcher. The script will automatically load the scene with index 1 if the game is launched through the launcher.

This script also has a CloseApplication method. Executing this method will close the game.