SG Patcher

SG Patcher - modern game update system.

Update Pipeline

SG Patcher update games on different platforms. The system can update in two modes In-App and Standalone.

In-App - this mode in which an update takes place inside the game. This is suitable for all platforms.

In-App mode  you cannot update scripts. Update scripts through PlayMarket / App Store etc.

To set up your game for in-game update follow instructions.

Standalone - this mode in which the update occurs using a separate launcher application. This is only suitable for Win, Mac, Linux. In this mode, the client is fully updated.

In-App Update Pipeline


Standalone Update Pipeline



Definition - these are settings for a specific platform. 

To configure the definitions go to the "Settings tab".

Create a definition

Follow steps:


If you use Google storage and you didn’t allow access to Google Drive, system will
open the browser and ask for access. Follow the instructions here: Google Drive.

The added definition will be selected as current in SGPatcher.

Delete a definition

Click on ”Delete” button beside a definition.
Keep in mind that files on the server will not be deleted. You must delete them before deleting definitions in Unity Editor(Storage Explorer) or later using thirdparty clients. If you add a definition with the same name, it will be attached to existing files on the server.

Version Building

Go to the ”Versions” tab.

Follow steps:

  1. Select definition.
  2. Put version number.

    New version should be greater last version.

  3. Click on ”Publish” button.



Wait for build complete. You can close SG Patcher window, but you can not close Unity until the version creation process is over!

If during the creation of the version you saw an error in the console related to building AssetBundles, but the version was created anyway. Delete the created version by clicking on "Minus" (-). Fix the problem described in the console and repeat the steps above.

Build Full version

The full version is a complete game package that new users will download. This version is created upon first creation or if you select the checkbox "Full version". 

Each time a new full version is created, the old full version is deleted from the server. A new full version + patch are uploaded to the server.

When new full version is created, old users will be able to download patches to the new full version. They will not need to download the game again.


Remove versions

You can remove first and last version, but you can not remove full version. 

To delete a version, simply click on "Delete" next to the version you want to delete.