SGPatcherProgressEvent<PatcherProgress> onProgressChanged.

Unity Event for callback process.

public struct DownloadProgress
        public float progress;
        public string status;
        public string speed;
        public string downloadedSize;
        public string targetSize;
    public class PatcherProgress
        public float progress;
        public string status;
        public DownloadProgress downloadProgress;
SGPatcherErrorEvent<ErrorMessage> onError.

Unity Event for handling errors.

public class ErrorMessage
        public string message;
        public System.Exception exception;
SGPatcherErrorEvent<ErrorMessage> onInternalError.

Unity Event for handling Internal errors.

async void UpdateGame()

Runs an integrity check and updates the game as needed.

For run use async await (Tasks);

void LoadGame()

If the game was installed, it loads level 0 without checking for updates.

async Task<UpdateMetaData> GetUpdateMetaData()

Returns preliminary update meta data.

 public enum UpdateStatus
    public class UpdateMetaData
        public UpdateStatus updateStatus;
        public long updateSize;
        public int updateCount;
        public string notes;


async Task InstallPackage(packageName)

Installing package by name.

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