SG Resources

SG Resources is an alternative to Resources from unity.

Resource Folders are collections of assets that are included in the built Unity player, but are not necessarily linked to any GameObject in the Inspector(Unity Manual). The Resources folder is a common source of many problems in Unity projects. Improper use of the Resources folder can bloat the size of a project’s build, lead to uncontrollable excessive memory utilization, and significantly increase application startup times(Unity Manual).

Therefore, if you need to use Resources.Load(Resources.LoadAll) in your game and you want the resources that are in the Resources folders to be updated, use SGResources.

If you have AssemblyDefinition add reference to SGResourcesClient.

To put anything into a SGResource Folder, you simply create a new folder inside the Project View, and name the folder “SGResources”. You can have multiple SGResource Folders organized differently in your Project. Whenever you want to load an asset from one of these folders, you call SGResources.Load().

You should not use resources from SGResources folders on scenes! This creates a load conflict. Use files from SGResources folders only through scripts.

Below is a diagram of the work of SG Resources.