Google Drive

Setting up access to your Google Drive.

For resolve a conflict with google drive api, read below.

Your users do not need to log in via Google. This is only needed for SG Patcher Builder.

Flow steps:

  • Go to the ”Settings” tab.
  • Make sure the ”Storage API” is set to ”Google”.
  • Enter the desirable name of the folder (it will be created on Google Drive) in the
    ”Shared Folder” field. For example, if you input ”patches” here, then the ”patches”
    folder will be created on Google Drive which will have subfolders according to the
    ”Definitions” list.


  • Create a definition(Follow instructions: Definitions).
  • As soon as you click on "Plus" (+) button in the “Definitions” section, the system
    will open the page for providing access in the browser.


  • Select an account with which the system will work.



  • Next, two windows will be opened confirming access to the Google Drive. Click
    ”Allow” everywhere.

    Change user access to Google Drive.

    If you need to switch the system to another Google account, go to your Unity project
    directory (with ”Assets” folder) and delete ”sgpatcher_token” folder.

    Disable Google Drive module

    If you have a conflict with Google Drive api, you can disable google drive module and remove Google libs from SIDGIN/Plugins/Google.

    To change mode go to SIDGIN/SIDGIN.Patcher/Plugins/Unity_2018_4 folder. Disable all libraries in this folder:



    Next, go to  SIDGIN/SIDGIN.Patcher/Plugins/Unity_2018_4_Google_Disabled folder. Enable all libraries in this folder.

    SIDGIN.Patcher.Unity configuration:


    SIDGIN.Patcher.Unity.Editors configuration:


    After that remove SIDGIN/Plugins/Google folder.

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