Amazon S3

Before setup Amazon S3 in SGPatcher prepare bucket on aws console. Go to

Find S3 service.


Click on "Create bucket" button and set "Bucket name" and "Region".


Click next and next. Uncheck "Block all public access" and check "I acknowledge that....". Click on next and "Create bucket" button.


Go to IAM -> Users.


Click on "Add user" and set user name. Check access type "Programmatic access" and click on next button.


Expand "Set permissions boundary" and choose "Use a permissions boundary to control maximum user permissions". Find "AmazonS3FullAccess". Click on Next->Next->Create User.


Go to IAM -> Users and add same permission to your user.



Click on "Download .csv" button and save file. We need this file to import settings to SGPatcher.24.gif

Go to SGPatcher -> Settings. Click on "Import Credentials File" and choose file which WAS downloaded on previous step. Set "Bucket name" and "Region Endpoint". Click on "Test" button.

 If you received the message ”Congratulations!” then the system is ready to go. If you get an error
message check the console window there will be detailed information about the error.